Linoleum and Woodcut Prints
Among other things, Printmaking is also an interest of mine. I have created relief prints (wood and linoleum cuts) that have been exhibited in numerous one-person and group art exhibits, and enjoy creating one of a kind works of art.

Relief printing is essentially the inking of a raised surface and an impression of that surface made on a piece of paper.

You could make a relief print by inking the face of a nickel, press the inked surfaced into a piece of paper and an image of Thomas Jefferson would appear, albeit reversed.

Artists usually take a woodblock or a woodblock with linoleum mounted on one side to carve an image on the surface in relief (raised surface). They then use stiff ink and roll it with a brayer on the relief carved into the block. Then lay a piece of paper on the block and run it through a printing press to create an impression. Each new color to the print requires another carved block. The number of prints of an original image is called an edition and it can number from as few as a dozen to several hundred.

Image Size: 6 x 8"
Price: $75.00 + S & H and Sales Tax


Woodcut Prints Available
The limited edition prints shown here are for sale.
Click on the link above to view larger size.

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